She’s back!

Odysseus returns


Hello everybody,

I know. Classic blogger, takes a 6 month break and then comes back all sheepish with a spiel about having been “crazy busy”. The time scarcity problem is keenly felt as a book blogger, because it doesn’t just come down to not having time to write – it has been taking me months to finish individual books. I didn’t feel it was fair for me to critique things that I finished and shelved years in the past, and with a lack of fresh material I simply had to leave brewandbook be for a while.

Having said that… while I was away, I became an occasional writer for Dead Ink Books. In my defence – for this does kind of make me feel like I’ve cheated on my sexless marriage – I’ve only reviewed poetry for them, and poems tend to be a heck of a lot shorter than novels.

A couple of things I have reviewed for them:

Epigraphs: Chrissy Williams

An Eschatological Bestiary: Oz Hardwick

Epigraphs, in particular, was right up my street. I’m actually heading to an event this evening at which Chrissy will be one of six invited poets, so watch this space for more on that.

Edinburgh in August is a creative wonderland. There are seven arts festivals taking place within the same small city – the most famous of course being the Fringe – and every conceivable performance space is occupied. One of the seven is the Edinburgh Book Festival, which is really the catalyst for my return to blogging. I mean, it’s just plain rude to be a book blogger living in Edinburgh and not cover the Book Festival.

If you can’t be in Edinburgh, why not peruse the list of literary events on in the coming weeks? I am more than happy to go and be your eyes and ears. Leave me a comment or hit me up on Twitter.

Thanks for your patience, book fans. You’re like Odysseus’ faithful dog Argos waiting for twenty years for his buddy’s return while everybody else just assumed he’d died.

Until next time (and I swear we’re talking weeks, not, like, ’til Christmas) x

Artwork credit: Still from Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Odyssey” (1997) showing Odysseus making his glorious, sweaty return. When I said you guys were the Argos to my Odysseus, I hope this is how you pictured me.


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