Fantasy Casting: Anna Karenina

I know, there’s no desperate need for my input on this; Anna Karenina has been adapted for the stage and screen many times, including the recent and famous incarnation starring Keira Knightley. I’ll be straight up with you, I haven’t seen that movie. But having just finished the book and fallen hard for the complex, enigmatic beauty of its titular character, I just can’t imagine K.K. doing her justice. Plus fantasy casting is my book nerd version of fantasy football, with an unlimited budget and Weinstein levels of Hollywood influence. It’s a lark. I do it with almost every novel I read, and I encourage you to do so too – if you don’t already. Here are my picks for the central characters in Anna Karenina:

Anna Karenina: Audrey Tautou


Alexey Vronsky: Henry Cavill

Ralph Fiennes

Alexey Alexandrovitch: Ralph Fiennes


Constantin Levin: Alexander Skarsgard

 Fun fact: Alexander’s brother had a small part in the recent movie.


Kitty Schterbatsky: Emilia Clarke

Jon Hamm

Oblonsky: Jon Hamm


Dolly Schterbatsky: Ali Larter

I am particularly attached to the idea of Audrey Tautou as Anna and Jon Hamm as Oblonsky. Let’s face it, I’m just attached to the idea of Jon Hamm. What a guy.

Let me know your picks in the comments!



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