The Library of Babel [Jorge Luis Borges]

“The Library is a sphere whose exact center is any hexagon and whose circumference is unattainable” In The Library of Babel, Jorge Luis Borges depicts an infinite library. You’re here reading a book blog, you’re probably a bit of a book nerd; surely this is an appealing premise. The universe comprises countless adjacent, identical hexagonal […]

Books I Read in 2014, Ranked

I wish this list was longer. 2014 was a great year, packed with challenges and experiences. Abundant in chill-time, however, it was not, and my reading suffered. I’ve seen plenty of these lists, written by the professional book bloggers and critics I follow on Twitter and so on, that are enviably long – long enough that I could […]

Loitering With Intent [Muriel Spark]

Many of you will know Muriel Spark from her novel ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’ – especially if you’ve ever studied Literature in Scotland. Her work is regarded as sacrosanct north of the border; everyone loves the local girl done good from Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, which happens to be where I was living this time […]

A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers [Xiaolu Guo]

Green Tea Hello book fans. Sorry it has been so very long since I touched base. I’ve been settling into a new job, and have basically just been really tired. It’s not much of an excuse, but it’s the truth. The thought of devoting brain power to processing print was just too much. But I […]

Death at Intervals [José Saramago]

A draught of living death. (bonus points if you can name the book this is from!) What would become of the world if people stopped dying? The central idea in José Saramago’s book ‘Death at Intervals’ (also known as ‘Death With Interruptions’) is fascinating, and I think that various permutations of this theme are among […]

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas [Hunter S. Thompson]

Tea infused with mescaline. Fear and Loathing is a crazy, psychedelic romp around Sin City in extravagant classic cars fueled by cocktails of narcotics. I read it in one sitting on the Megabus to London fueled by granola bars. And I loved it. I felt like all of the novels I had read in the […]

The Reader [Bernhard Schlink]

Brew up for the jury. In the first sentence of Goodreads’ description of ‘The Reader’, we’re promised that it is ‘a thrilling book’. That may be your opinion, Goodreads, but it certainly wasn’t mine. By rights, the subject matter alone should have made this book exciting and horrifying and gripping, but I was quite simply […]