Your Fave Is Problematic

Have you ever visited this Tumblr? It is a dismal corner of the internet. Don’t bother going if you haven’t already, it will only depress the hell out of you. Lots of the complaints aganist the celebrities listed are petty and try-hard, e.g. Rob McElhenny’s “blackface”, taken from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – […]

Lost Illusions [HonorĂ© de Balzac]

Like some sort of mash-up of Aeschylus and Gossip Girl, ‘Lost Illusions’ is a tragedy of Ancient Greek proportions in which the levels of subterfuge, deception and double-agency would have the scriptwriting staff at the CW drooling. Sadly my French isn’t quite up to tackling 700 page 19th Century novels, and it’s always tricky when […]