Books I Read in 2014, Ranked

I wish this list was longer. 2014 was a great year, packed with challenges and experiences. Abundant in chill-time, however, it was not, and my reading suffered. I’ve seen plenty of these lists, written by the professional book bloggers and critics I follow on Twitter and so on, that are enviably long – long enough that I could […]

Eden [Tim Smit]

Green Tea I picked up ‘Eden’ hoping to be taken on an imagination-fuelled trip to a place I’ve always wanted to visit. I envisioned paragraphs dripping with greenery and the ambient hum of insects in the background. What I’d unfortunately failed to divine was that this is a book with a business focus – Tim […]

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas [Hunter S. Thompson]

Tea infused with mescaline. Fear and Loathing is a crazy, psychedelic romp around Sin City in extravagant classic cars fueled by cocktails of narcotics. I read it in one sitting on the Megabus to London fueled by granola bars. And I loved it. I felt like all of the novels I had read in the […]

Phonetic Data Analysis [Peter Ladefoged]

/ə naɪs kʌp əv tiː/ So, I mentioned briefly in my very first post that I was a Linguist, and it’s time for me to elaborate a bit. I graduated from Edinburgh University last year having finished a degree in Linguistics, and within this very broad field one of my sort of ‘specialist subjects’ (such a […]