Your Fave Is Problematic

Have you ever visited this Tumblr? It is a dismal corner of the internet. Don’t bother going if you haven’t already, it will only depress the hell out of you. Lots of the complaints aganist the celebrities listed are petty and try-hard, e.g. Rob McElhenny’s “blackface”, taken from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – […]

Spotlight: Make your own hardback book!

Hey book fans! Hope you’re all well. Yesterday, I decided on a whim to have a shot at bookbinding, and as you can see from the photo it turned out pretty damn well even if I do say so myself. Sadly, I didn’t photo-document the stages of production – but it would be a little […]

Spotlight: Peaches for Monsieur Le CurĂ©: Joanne Harris at Blackburn Cathedral

A china cup of Twining’s Gingersnap Peach Tea would go down very nicely. My hometown of Blackburn, in the North West of England, is not exactly well-known for its arts and culture scene. Which is why it felt like a really special event when Joanne Harris, of ‘Chocolat’ fame, came to speak about her latest […]